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RHA Enhancements are items purchased by RHA that benefit residents in your community. The most commonly known and used RHA enhancements are cookware and recreational supplies. These are just some examples, and every community will have their own unique RHA enhancements, from which the Community Enhancement Officers and the members of your Community government think that you will benefit.

Large Enhancements are available for communities to use for their programs. If you are interested in checking out a Large Enhancement, click here to complete the Large Enhancement Request Form. You must fill out this form and submit it at least two weeks before you wish to use the enhancement!

Click here to see a list of the Large Enhancements RHA has to offer and the availability chart to ensure the item’s availability!

If you want to request an enhancement for your community or complete an enhancement grant request once open, feel free to fill out those forms. If you have any comments, ideas, or concerns, feel free to email our Executive Board at or our advisor at

RHA Enhancements can be checked out from your Service Desk.

Checking out RHA Enhancements is easy! Go to your Service Desk and request the specific item that you would like to check out, and if it is available, they will check it out to you using your One Card. You will receive an e-mail letting you know that you checked out the item and reminding you that it is due to the front desk within 48 hours (Some exceptions apply).

Before checking out RHA Enhancements for the first time, please read the RHA Enhancements End User Agreement (available at your Service Desk.)

All RHA Enhancements may be checked out for a maximum of 48 hours. If you return the item within 48 hours, everyone remains happy. However, if the item is returned late, the resident will be charged a dollar a day for up to 5 days. After the fifth day, the item will be marked lost and the resident with the item in his or her possession will be charged to replace the item, according to the pricing matrix. If there is an error in the system, or if you feel you have been wrongly charged you are given the option to appeal the charge (see below). You will have 48 hours to return the appeals form to the Service Desk, at which point the Community Manager and the Community Enhancement Officer will meet to decide on the appeal.
RHA Enhancements are funded by a portion of the RHA membership fees that all residents pay when applying for on-campus housing. This entitles residents to unlimited check-out during their time living in the community. Residents may only check out RHA Enhancements in their own community.
To appeal a charge, fill out the Enhancements Charges Appeal Form and return it to your Service Desk within 48 hours of your charge notice.

Available Community Enhancements:


RHA Standard Enhancements Quantity
Casserole Dish 5
Baking Sheet 5
Ball Pump 2
Basketball 5
Bike Pump 1
Broom 10
Can Opener 2
Colander 2
Serving Spoon 10
Cutting Board 2
Dolly 2
Dust Pan 10
Football 5
Frisbee 5
Frying Pan 10
Hammock 7
Iron 1
Ironing Board 1
Measuring Cup 5
Measuring Spoon Set 5
Mixing Bowl 5
Nintendo Switch 2
Nintendo Switch Game 2 2
Nintendo Switch Game 1 2
Oven Mitt 4
Picnic Blanket 5
Pot 5
Rubber Mallet 5
Soccer Ball 7
Pasta Fork 5
Spatula 10
Tennis Balls 10
Tennis Racket 5
Volleyball 5