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Looking for a fun way to serve your community?

Your Community Government is the easiest way to meet new people, have fun, and give back to the community right where you live. Plan fun programs, help manage your community’s budget, and decide what new items to purchase for check out in the community. RHA is the 3rd largest student organization on campus and a great way to leave your HeelPrint at Carolina!

Want to run for Governor? Learn more here.

The following positions are also available on Community Government. Apply here!

  • Submit event descriptions to Internal Affairs Officer to be approved before events
  • Submit program reports within 48 hours of Community events to receive Community Cup points
  • Take an active role in coordinating, implementing, and collaborating with others for community programs
  • Serve as the Governor in the Governor’s absence
  • Attend semester one-on-one meetings with the RHA Internal Affairs Officer
  • To update and know the Community Constitution in full
  • To maintain important records of official RHA business, including accurate accounts of meeting minutes, attendance, legislation and calendar of events
  • Keep a calendar of events for the CoGo and send reminders about events, shifts and any other details
  • To assist with the RHA History Project
  • To aid the CEO in organizing and keeping track of what is within the CoGo closet
  • To work with the RA staff and/or CD about coordination of events 
  • Attend 1-on-1 meeting once per semester with Executive Administrative Coordinator
  • Create, along with the governor, a budget for the Community Government
  • Manage and keep track of the monthly community budget 
  • Submit CUSO forms
  • Attend 1-on-1’s with the RHA Treasurer
  • Maintain a sense of fiscal responsibility in the community government
  • Design all marketing materials (flyers, posters, banners, newsletters) that CoGos give out
  • Attend events to capture photos and videos
  • Come up with the best methods to advertise CoGo events to your community
  • Design any swag your CoGo will give out (t shirts, masks, stickers, Frisbees, etc)
  • Be one of the admins to the community specific social media page(s)
  • Attend 1-on-1 meeting once per semester with the RHA External Affairs Officer
  • Purchase large/small enhancements each semester 
  • Gauge resident needs for future enhancement purchases 
  • Complete bi-monthly enhancement inventories
  • Meet with community managers to discuss the following:
      1. Enhancement ideas, replacement, and appeals
      2. Updating & Review Inventory
      3. Apply charges for late/lost/damaged enhancements to student accounts
      4. Report lost or damaged items
  • Attend semester 1-on-1 meeting with Chief Enhancements Officer

Educate residents on how they can live in sustainable ways on-campus such as composting, plastic film recycling, recycling, participating in water competitions, turning off lights in lounges, etc

  • Strive to incorporate environmental sustainability within community events, including upholding the BYO program requirements 
  • Assist in organizing recycling drives, composting events, etc. 
  • Coordinate and update the community on Green Games 
  • Attend weekly Sustainability Officer meetings
  • Attend 1-on-1 meetings with Director of Sustainable Projects once per semester
  • Incorporate and create events centered around social justice and advocacy
  • Teach social justice modules to your CoGo
  • Ensure inclusive language, behavior, and environment at meetings and events
  • Attend weekly SJA meetings and semester 1-on-1 with Executive SJA
  • Identify the remote/in-person community service opportunities for community government members or residents to take advantage of throughout the year. 
  • Attend monthly 1-on-1’s with the RHA Executive Wellness and Leadership Development Officer. 
  • Represent RHA and serve as a liaison of their respective community government by attending each Undergraduate Student Government Community Service Committee meeting.
  • Facilitate a minimum of  1 residence community-wide program with community service components each semester.
  • Ensure the community government officers are aware of the Carolina Center for Public Service and facilitate the opportunities for them to complete at least one skill training each semester.

Other positions may be available in each specific community, such as Floor Reps, Athletic Directors, Photographer, Health Director, Outreach Managers, and more! To find out what specific positions are available in your community, check out your specific community’s applications.

Apply for Community Government