One of RHA’s main activities is putting on community and campus-wide programs. Each community government is responsible for planning and implementing programs within their community and building. The RHA Internal Affairs Officer and the RHA Programming Committee is responsible for creating campus-wide programs throughout the year.

To submit a program idea, contact your Community Governor or Community Government.


RHA Programming Committee

The RHA Programming Committee is responsible for all campus-wide programs, including RHA Week. Its membership consists of 10-15 residents (who may also serve in other RHA capacities) and it is chaired by the RHA Internal Affairs Officer.

Community Cup Point Guidelines

This program is to act as a rewarding incentive to community governments. It is to encourage members’ hard work and dedication to service all year long. Such commitment will benefit themselves, residents, staff, and the community living environment at UNC. The Community Cup program is designed to strengthen community development, morale, and appreciation for the UNC residence halls. To view the Community Cup Guidelines and find out how to get points, click here!

RHA Week

RHA hosts a special week-long string of programs each year in the spring. Each RHA Week, many of the communities across campus offer programs daily, from social to service to educational events. T-shirts commemorating the week are also given out at the events.

Residential Green Games

Residential Green Games is an environmental competition that seeks to promote sustainable behavioral change and education in the sixteen campus housing communities. Green Games presents opportunities for students to learn about environmental issues by peer-to-peer education with the hopes that they will incorporate these values into their daily routines and beyond their time at UNC. It is organized by the office of Waste Reduction and Recycling. Each community is encouraged to select a Green Games Coordinator to represent their community and to learn more about green programming.