Microfridges®, Carpets, and Room Packages

The Residence Hall Association partners with several vendors to provide a variety of optional services intended to make your move to campus even more comfortable and convenient. All commissions earned from the sale or rental of these items goes directly toward on-campus programs at UNC, helping to make the most out of our residents’ experience!


leasing programs for the popular refrigerator/freezer/microwave combination appliance. All micro-fridges are delivered to the student’s room prior to move-in. For ordering information, click here.

 Residence Hall Carpets-

Pre-order a plush area carpet and have it delivered to your room prior to move-in. These are comfortable and high-quality carpets at a discounted price for all UNC-Chapel Hill students!

You can find your student’s custom carpet dimensions online. Pick any of the color choices listed on the website and order before August 5th to have your carpets ready before Move-In Day.

Room Packages-

Order your Customized Room Package and have it delivered to your room prior to move-in day! These packages have all of the necessary essentials your student will need for his/her first year at the University, including custom XL fitted sheets for your student’s bed, which are difficult to find in stores. No more running from store-to-store. This service saves you an average of 64% compared to stores and loads of time!

The Packages include all of the following:

Twin XL Sized Bedding (UNC Required) (100% Cotton)

Memory Foam Mattress Pad (Twin XL Size)

Bath Set

Shower Caddy

Storage Set (Hanging Organizer, Underbed Storage, and More)

Clip Fan and Lamp

Dining Set

Lap Desk

and Much More!

Order before August 5th to have your Package delivered to your room prior to Move-In Day.

RHA has been providing a linens program to UNC students since 1997.