**2018-2019 Grant Request Applications are now open**

External Programming Grant Requests

As part of its annual budget RHA appropriates a small portion of funds each semester for outside student organizations to put on campus programs in which the majority of beneficiaries will be on-campus residents. The purpose of these grants is to create opportunities for additional, diverse campus programs beyond those that RHA directly plans and executes. RHA recognizes that many innovative program ideas go unrealized due to insufficient funds and therefore wishes to do its part in further enhancing student life at Carolina. Organizations wishing to receive a grant must present their proposal to the Collaboration Board, which then votes on whether or not to fund the program in accordance with the relevant RHA bylaws and policies.

Before applying for an RHA grant, interested groups must download and read the Official Policy for External Programming Grants. If a group determines its program to meet the criteria, it may complete the RHA Grant Request Form. Applications are scheduled for consideration by the Collaboration Board in the order in which they are received.


Traditional Program Grant Requests

Residential communities wishing to receive financial assistance from RHA for their traditional orĀ end-of-year traditional programs can submit a request to RHA via the Traditional Program Grant Request Form. A representative from the community must be prepared to present the program to the Board of Governors during one of its regularly scheduled Tuesday meetings. Before applying for an RHA grant, communities must download and read the Official Policy for Traditional Programming Grants.


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NOTE: RHA cannot guarantee funding for an event in whole or in part for any request. Decisions will be made based on available funds and the benefit of the program to on-campus residents as perceived by the Collaboration Board. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the RHA Executive Treasurer.