Ram Village Candidates

Candidates for Ram Village GovernorRamVillage

What is a Community Governor? Your governor appoints a government of his or her peers to plan fun events for the community, purchase new items for the community office, and advocates for residential needs to the University and outside organizations.

Meet the Candidates!

Name:Kaelah Pou

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.09.49 PM (1)Goals:

1. To host more regularly-held events that foster a greater sense of community togetherness.
2. To have an executive board more representative of Ram Village’s social and ethnic demographics.
3. To work more closely with RAs on having both their own and their residents’ concerns heard and addressed.


1. I served as Lt. Governor for our community last year and helped significantly with planning and executing community events.
2. I am the current Co-President of NSCS and am helping develop ideas for more attractive, inclusive activities for our over 1000 members.

Name: Luke De Mott

FullSizeRender-2 (1)Goals:

1. Community-wide watch parties (with catering) for Carolina sporting events
2. Provide free snacks for residents at weekly events
3. Allow residents to vote on how to use community funds


1. Student Government First-Year Focus Council member (2015-2016)
2. RHA Community Government Floor Representative (2015-2016)
3. High School Speech and Debate Captain (2014-2015)



Name: Yonel Admasu

945932_613707835306202_852217131_n-2 (1)Goals:

1. Build electronic real-time bus arrival signs at Rams Village bus stops
2. Hold weekly competition and tournament events in our basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts included as a part of RHA’s new Food in my Hall service.
3. Create community fundraising opportunities to help fund Carolina for the Kids Hospitals and UNC Dance Marathon.


1. Northern Virginia Head Coordinator and Teacher for ESL (English as a Second Language) Programs
2. Chief Counselor and Student Mentor for Beech Tree Elementary School



Want to get involved with Community Government? The Governor will be appointing positions such as Ram Village Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Secretary, and many more! Check rha.unc.edu/cogo for more information.