Microfridges®, Carpets, and Linens

The Residence Hall Association partners with several vendors to provide a variety of optional services intended to make your move to campus even more comfortable and convenient. All commissions earned from the sale or rental of these items goes directly toward on-campus programs at UNC, helping to make the most out of our residents’ experience!


MicroFridge®- leasing programs for the popular refrigerator/freezer/microwave combination appliance. All micro-fridges are delivered to the student’s room prior to move-in.


Residence Hall Carpets-area carpets in a variety of sizes, custom cut according to the dimensions of the room. You can find your student’s room dimensions on the Housing and Residential Education website. All carpets are delivered to the student’s room prior to move-in.


Residence Hall Linens-extra-long sheets, comforters and blankets. Our goal is to make sure every parent and student is ready with the right size sheets, so we offer a huge variety of custom-sized linens guaranteed to fit your residence hall bed and to last until graduation. We also provide a selection of extra-long thermal blankets, extra-long mattress pads, pillows, storage solutions, extra-long comforters and anything else you will need.

Our best selection of college bedding and a guarantee of your first choice is available for parents and students who respond early. All our residence hall room bedding and accessories come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee right up to graduation. You may return your linens for a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.

RHA has been providing the Residence Hall Linens program to UNC students since 1997.

We are working towards improving resident lifestyle on-campus! As a result our vendors are undergoing some changes and there will be new vendors coming soon to RHA!