Our goal is to provide networking opportunities at large in order to foster lasting relationships with Residence Hall Association alumni. RHAA believes that a connection between current RHA members and alumni, even after graduation, contributes to the best experience in housing on campus. Because of that, we hope to cater to current leaders, staff, and alumni members. By participating in RHAA, you will open up a world of networking with RHA that is both convenient and effective!  

One of the methods of effective communication that RHAA plans on instating is a biannual newsletter. These letters are available to any university member who lives in the residence halls, works for Residential Programs and Services, works with residence hall students, or otherwise supports residence life. If you would like to be included please subscribe below:

RHAA Newsletter Subscription 


The second method of networking for alumni is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Residence Hall Association LinkedIn Group. The group will allow for previous members to reconnect and current members to expand the horizons of RHA through new resources. If you were or currently are a memember, please join us on LinkedIn!