Manning West Candidates

Candidates for Manning West GovernorManningWestV2

What is a Community Governor? Your governor appoints a government of his or her peers to plan fun events for the community, purchase new items for the community office, and advocates for residential needs to the University and outside organizations.

Meet the Candidates!

Name: Margaret Ashby

FullSizeRender (5) (1)Goals:

1. I wish to enhance the lives of the residents by making the residence halls feel like home.
2. I wish to implement fun community events like breakfast before the bell to get the residents to enjoy the community they live in.
3. I wish to help the residents make memories that they will never forget.


1. I was the President of the Orchestra at my High School, and I was responsible for enriching the lives of the musicians I managed.
2. I was a peer tutor with Rho Kappa, the National Social Studies Honor Society, where I assisted younger students in their understanding of history.


Name: Joel Gillison

IMG_0456 (1)

1. Upgrade the kitchens on the 2nd and 4th floors of Hardin and Craige North by adding stoves/ovens
2. Host events that promote social interaction in the residence halls such as game nights, open door nights, and game watch parties
3. Complete service projects by partnering with community organizations to allow Manning West residents to impact their community


1. I am an Eagle Scout who has served as a leader of National Youth Leadership Training course where I have instructed hundreds in leadership
2. Served as an intern for US congressman, NC governor, and State senator


Want to get involved with Community Government? The Governor will be appointing positions such as Manning West Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Secretary, and many more! Check for more information!