Manning East Candidates

Candidates for Manning East GovernorManningEast

What is a Community Governor? Your governor appoints a government of his or her peers to plan fun events for the community, purchase new items for the community office, and advocates for residential needs to the University and outside organizations.

Meet the Candidates!

Name: Nick Scott-Hearn

Nick Pic (1)Goals:

1. I would like to plan awesome, fun, and engaging events for our community.
2. Through these events, I want to bring our community closer as a whole, so we can get to know our neighbors.
3. I want to represent our community on the Board of Governors and make sure our needs are met.


1. I had a position similar to an RA at my previous boarding school, that involved planning events (mostly cookouts and inter-dorm competitions) and working with faculty.
2. I was my middle school class president, where I oversaw the activities of the Student Council, as well as planned events, such as a Halloween Haunted Maze and talent shows.


Want to get involved with Community Government? The Governor will be appointing positions such as Manning East Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Secretary, and many more! Check for more information.