Candidates for Lower Quad GovernorOCLQ

What is a Community Governor? Your governor appoints a government of his or her peers to plan fun events for the community, purchase new items for the community office, and advocates for residential needs to the University and outside organizations.

Meet the Candidates!

William Tanaka
Goals for the Year:
I want to bring the people of the community closer together through community events.
I want to earn the community’s respect by advocating the collective wishes of the community.
Leadership Experience:
I was responsible for leading the software division of a engineering research project.
I was a part of the leadership team at my martial arts studio.

Katelyn Cline
Goals for the Year:
I want everyone in the OCLQ to feel like they are a part of a big family and in order to foster that family I want to plan events like weekly free food nights, service opportunities, trivia nights, and more! I also want to create a bulletin board in the community so that residents can post their thoughts, ideas, and commentary for what they want in the OCLQ.
Leadership Experience:
I was the student leader of a fundraising event at my dance studio that planned an evening for kids one night a month.
Over the summer I worked as a raft guide at the US National Whitewater Center leading five trips down the river every day.

Kira Griffith
Goals for the Year:
My primary goals are to:
1. Listen to the needs of the residents of the OCLQ community and responsibly lead a fun, exciting community in which all residents feel comfortable calling “home”.
2. Create a comfortable and safe space for everyone to relax after a long day of classes.
3. Ensure that everyone has a fun and exciting first year!
Leadership Experience:
President of the National Honor Society
President of High School Class of 2017
High School Student Council Representative

Want to get involved with Community Government? Kasia will be appointing positions such as Parker Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Secretary, and many more! Check out for more information!