Hinton James

Candidates for Hinton James GovernorHJlogo

What is a Community Governor? Your governor appoints a government of his or her peers to plan fun events for the community, purchase new items for the community office, and advocates for residential needs to the University and outside organizations.

Meet the Candidates!

Name:Evan Rodgers


1. Upgrade our facilities (Get new game room items, make the elevators less janky, etc.)
2. Use community input to organize the events and activities that are most appealing to everyone
3.Act as a strong liaison between first years and administration to help each student have the best year they possibly can at “Hilton” James


1. Member of executive board of student council in high school.
2. Two-year captain of the varsity tennis team
3. Founder and Owner of a legally-incorporated business that used a portion of its profits to benefit a charity supporting children affected by HIV/AIDS in Honduras


Name: Michael Gong

IMG_0441 (1)Goals:

1. Get everyone in my dorm to participate in at least once of the weekly dorm activities;
2. Get at least one activities per night;
3. Get everyone (or at least most people) in my dorm to participate in surveys for weekly activities (i.e. surveys to determine what we should organize for the week).


1. President of Math Club in High School
2. Class president in Senior year



Name:Kennedy Washington

FullSizeRender (4) (1)Goals:

1. I want to hear ideas from everyone! If there is something you feel strongly about I will do my best to get it done!
2. Encourage community bonding, event though there are a TON of HoJo residents I want us all to get to know each other as best we can
3. Organize events that make our lives a little easier and a lot of fun!


1. Served as class president for 3 years
2. Organized events for large groups and organizations



Want to get involved with Community Government? The Governor will be appointing positions such as Hinton James Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Secretary, and many more! Check rha.unc.edu/cogo for more information! 🙂