RHA likes to recognize all of those who done great things throughout the week, month, semester, and year. Recognition is an important part of motiving others and appreciating their hard work. We encourage all community governments to participate in recognition activities.

Of-the-Week Awards

Of-the-Weeks (OTWs) are a written form of recognition that RHA utilizes to honor the accomplishments of its members and leaders
during any given week. An OTW is an easy way to recognize the hard work of one of your peers or groups, and it can all be done in 75 words or less! To submit an OTW, please visit the OTW Submission Form.


Of-the-Month Awards

Of-the-Months (OTMs) are awards written by anyone in the residence hall community, and voted on by the NRHH Recognition Committee. They are meant to recognize outstanding performance in that particular month, and can be in several different categories. Winners receive certificates, online recognition, and submission into state, regional, and national level competition. Submit OTMs directly to NRHH at the national NRHH website. Submit OTMs directly to NRHH at the national NRHH website by the 5th of every month. Click here to view OTM Guide or visit the OTM website here.


RHA End of Year Awards

The Residence Hall Association gives out several awards at the end of each year:

  1. First Year Experience
  2. Governor of the Year
  3. Advisor of the Year
  4. Student of the Year
  5. Community Government Member of the Year
  6. Program of the Year
  7. Community of the Year
  8. Most Improved Community of the Year



Colin R. Scott RHA Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is given annually to a member of the UNC Residence Hall Association who demonstrates outstanding leadership, particularly in the area of collaborative efforts.

Established in 2006 by Colin R. Scott, the award seeks to recognize individuals for their efforts and encourage others to embody the characteristics of an ideal leader.

Recipients of the award would embody the mission of RHA to serve the students living in on-campus housing at UNC Chapel Hill. Recipients should have directed a successful collaborative initiative that benefited students in the residence halls, and required support outside of RHA and DHRE. Nominees should also possess characteristics of a successful student leader, including, but not limited to: honesty, selflessness, dedication, team-focus, and strong work ethic.

Any full-time, fee-paying student at the University in good academic standing is eligible for the award.  The nominee must be a member of RHA, although does not need to hold a titled position.  Students can apply for the award or be nominated for the award through the Division of Housing and Residential Education. The recipient receives a monetary award of $250, plus the recipient’s name will be placed on a plaque to be displayed in the offices of DHRE.

Award Recipients: Clara Mat Montas Colon (2008), Robert Dawson (2009), Ryan Collins (2010), Damon Neanover (2011), Spencer Schold (2012), Joshua Reed (2013), Caitlyn Demetrious (2014), Karen Cheng (2015)

Nominations and further details about the Colin R. Scott RHA Leadership Award will be available in late Fall.


Roger A. Davis Memorial Chancellor’s Award

This award, established in 1966, is given in memory of Roger A. Davis who, as a student, was active in the formation of the residence colleges. It is given by the Residence Hall Association to the undergraduate judged to have given outstanding service to the University, especially through residence hall leadership.

Award Recipients: Radhika Tipnis (1999), Lauren Tenglin (2000), Robin Yamakawa (2001), Victor Ibrahim (2002), Joanna Jordan (2003), Justin Wade (2004), Colin Bradley Mutter (2005), Chastity Wilson (2006), Candice Miles (2007), Ronald Bilbao (2008), Robert Dawson (2009), Ryan Collins (2010), Zachary Cole (2011), Heather Robertson (2012), Hans Peng (2013), Taylor Bates (2014), Jessica Porter (2015)

View previous recipients

Nominations and further details about the Roger A. Davis Memorial Chancellor’s Award will be available in the Spring.  


William D. Porterfield Award

The award, first given in 1994, honors exceptional leadership and service to residence hall governance at the national level. Specifically, the award recognizes bold initiative, substantial risk-taking, and perseverance to maintain, create, or dramatically improve the UNC-CH Residence Hall Association’s national participation and prominence.

The criteria for the William D. Porterfield Award are:

  • Junior or senior class standing;
  • At least two years of residency on campus;
  • At least two years in an elected or appointed residence hall or RHA officer position (may have been different positions), and;
  • Demonstrated contributions requiring bold initiative, substantial risk-taking, and perseverance to maintain, create, or dramatically improve the UNC-CH Residence Hall Association’s national participation or national prominence.

Award Recipients: Janice Kathleen Davis (1994), Michael Scott Holder (1995), Julie Renea Taylor (1996), Matthew Edward Leggett (1997), Corinee Ann Ahreens (1998), David Wayne Jerigan (1999), Alison Shea Craig (2000), Paul Benjamin Causey & Rebecca Faith McQueen (2001), Joanna Jordan (2002), Colin Russel Scott (2005), Brian Sugg (2008), April Adeeyo (2009) , Christina Fluet (2010), Ryan Michael Collins (2011), Hans Peng (2012), Heather Robertson (2013), Kendall Nicosia-Rusin (2014), Matt Renn (2015)

Nominations and further details about the William D. PorterfieldAward will be available in the Spring.  

Residence Hall Association Award for Service

Established in the 2012-2013 academic year, the Residence Hall Association Award for Service is awarded annually to a deserving student leader based on their dedication to the Residence Hall Association and the improvement of residential life at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The recipient should also have demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence.

Qualifications shall include at least one year of service to RHA, including a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, and good disciplinary standing with the University. The recipient shall receive a $200 award and be selected by a committee consisting of the RHA President, an Alumni Board member, and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) President. Selection committee members are not eligible for the award.

Award Recipients: Landon Sherwood (2013), Austin Glock Andrews (2014), Taylor Bates (2015)

Nominations and further details about the award will be available in the Spring.  

If you have any questions please contact the NRHH OTM Chair.