Program Report Forms


In order to encourage quality programming and reflection, RHA asks all community Lt. Governors to regularly fill out program reports about the events their community governments put on in the community. This allows us to create a running “bank” of ideas of great programs and allows community governments to receive the full amount of community cup points for their programs. Communities have one week (7 days) following the date of their program to report it in order to receive the full amount of cup points. 

  • Program Report Form  – available here.
  • *New* Weekly Program Report Form – available here.

Are you a resident with feedback about a program you went to that you would like to share? Please, email us at We would love to hear from you! For questions or concerns about the program report forms, please contact Karen Cheng as


Program Report FAQ

Q: Do I have to fill out one of these forms every week for our Recycling Drive/other weekly program?

A: In an effort to save you both time and typing, we created the “weekly report form” new for this year to save the unneeded expense of filling out redundant questions every week. Please, still report your program using that form every week so we may give your community its deserved points and so that RHA Exec can recognize you and your community for all of the hard work!

Q: What exactly is a “traditional program”?

A: Traditional programs are large, usually annual, programs that a community hosts. Examples include the Manning Block Party, Connorstock, and the South Campus Beach Blast. Traditional programs are on a much larger scale than usual programs and have the intent of being running traditions for the community. As such, we only allow Lt. Governors to log two traditional events per year as to make sure that the community point bonus for this category is not exploited by just logging every event as traditional. Also, while not required, we strongly recommend coordinating with our Internal Affairs Officer in planning your community’s traditional events. We can help you with marketing, outreach, and even some aspects of the planning depending on your needs.

Q: What happens if I miss the week deadline to fill out the form?

A: In order to maintain a fair, transparent account of community cup points, we usually remain pretty strict on the deadline. The reason is fairness in the community cup competition (no one is permitted to “hold” all of their program reports to the end of the year), and because our Internal Affairs officer has to process reports each week from 16 different communities. That being said, we are human, and we do understand if you have an emergency/illness that prevents you from meeting a deadline. In these scenarios, advance notice is greatly appreciated.

For additional questions, concerns, or comments, please contact Karen Cheng at