Food in my Hall is a free service offered by RHA! Hate it when you miss free pizza or snacks in your residence hall? Well sign up for our secure, tested RHA text notification list. It is simple! Use your cell phone, and follow the instructions below to sign up for notifications at your community. You will only be texted when there are free programs in your hall, never any outside solicitations or advertisements. Your number will only display as your name on our end, and we clear all contacts at the end of the year. How easy is that?

Text your community code to 810-10*

Community Code
Carmichael @carunc
Cobb @cobbunc
Connor @connunc
Craige @craige14
Eringhaus @ehaus
Granville @granunc
Hinton James @hojo14
Kenan @kenunc
Manning East @meunc
Manning West @mwunc
Morrison @morrunc
Olde Campus Lower Quad @oclq
Olde Campus Upper Quad @ocuq
Parker @parkunc
Ram Village @ramv


*Standard messaging rates apply. Contact Bharat Modi at for more info/troubleshooting.