The Residence Hall Association partners with several vendors to provide a variety of optional services intended to make your move to campus even more comfortable and convenient. All commissions earned from the sale or rental of these items goes directly toward on-campus programs at UNC, helping to make the most out of our residents’ experience!


leasing programs for the popular refrigerator/freezer/microwave combination appliance. All micro-fridges are delivered to the student’s room prior to move-in. For ordering information, click hereAll Micro-Fridges must be ordered by August 1st to have them ready before Move-In Day.

 Residence Hall Carpets

Pre-order a plush area carpet and have it delivered to your room prior to move-in. These are comfortable and high-quality carpets at a discounted price for all UNC-Chapel Hill students! Click here to order a carpet.

You can find your student’s custom carpet dimensions online. Pick any of the color choices listed on the website and order by August 4th to have your carpets ready before Move-In Day.

Residence Hall Linens

Ordering information for linens is available here.

Order custom-sized linens and more, guaranteed to fit your bed at UNC. Choose from a wide variety of packages and colors,  with a choice of four Value Paks in over 50 color combinations, it’s the most convenient way to save money and get everything you need at once. Value Paks are shipped to your home free.  Your choice of delivery — ship to home or deliver to your campus room for a nominal fee! Order by August 5th to ensure delivery before move in.