The history of residence hall government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a long and dynamic one. Over the past seventy years, both the structure and influence of this university institution have fluctuated with time. Records in the university archives indicate that first “inter-residence councils” were founded as early as 1940 in what is now the Olde Campus Upper Quad community. During the 1960s, a student by the name of Roger A. Davis was instrumental in the founding of residence colleges. Finally, in 1973, following an amendment to the UNC Student Code, the modern Residence Hall Association was founded to replace the Residence College Federation. Janet Stephens was elected its first president.


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Presidents of RHA

1973-1974 Janet Stephens
1974 Mike O’Neal
1974-1975 Betsy Jones
1975-1976 Lars Nance, Jay Levin
1976-1977 Robert Loftin
1977-1978 W. Bain Jones
1978-1979 Don William Fox
1979-1980 William David Porterfield
1980-1981 Peggy Leight
1981-1982 Robert Bianchi
1982-1983 F. Scott Templeton
1983-1984 Mark Dalton
1984-1985 Mark Stafford
1985-1986 Tim Cobb
1986-1987 Ray Jones
1987-1988 D. Kelly Clark
1988-1989 Jimmy Randolph
1989-1990 Liz Jackson
1990-1991 Gretchen Diffendal
1991-1992 Scott Peeler, Christy Pons
1992-1993 Charles Streeter
1993-1994 Jan Davis
1994-1995 Jody Davis
1995-1996 Jessica Godwin
1996-1997 Latoya Porterfield
1997-1998 Allena Hall
1998-1999 David Jernigan
1999-2000 Murray Coleman
2000-2001 Robin Yamakawa
2001-2002 David Cooper
2002-2003 Joanna Jordan
2003-2004 Kristin Conte
2004-2005 Colin Scott
2005-2006 Chastity Wilson
2006 William Thompson
2007 Denny Lyons
2007-2008 Brian Sugg
2008-2009 Michael Miller
2009-2010 Christina Fluet
2010-2011 Ryan Collins
2011-2012 Hans Peng
2012-2013 Heather Robertson
2013-2014 Kendall Nicosia-Rusin
2014-2015 Taylor Bates
2015-2016 Taylor Bates
2016-2017 Taylor Bates
2017-2018 Hiren Gihwala
2018-2019 Bharat Modi