Executive Board

The Executive Board constitutes the executive branch of RHA at-large—the President and his or her administration. This body of eight individuals is responsible for overseeing the Board of Governors and Community Government.

Office hours are held in the RHA office, Union room 2504.

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Executive Board

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President Kendall Nicosia-Rusin

Senior, Philosophy

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 3-4 pm, Friday 10-11 am





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Vice President John Wilhoite

Sophomore, Physics

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 2-3 pm





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Executive Secretary Shreya Shah

Sophomore, Mathematics

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-10:30 am








Executive Treasurer Hollie Fisher

Senior, Management and Society

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 4-5 pm





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National Communications Coordinator Austin Glock Andrews

Sophomore, Classics & Religious Studies

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday: 1-2 pm





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Internal Affairs Officer Adriana Golindano

Senior, Global Studies & History

Office Hours:  Tuesday & Thursday: 11 – 12 pm





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External Affairs Officer Danielle Frider

Sophomore, Pre-Business Administration

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday: 1-2 pm





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Chief Enhancements Officer Trinh Pham

Senior, Biology

Office Hours: Friday 2-4 pm






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RHA Advisor Michael Cherry

Parker Community Director






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RHA Advisor Tony DuBose

Granville Towers Community Director





RHA 2013-2014 Executive Board

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