Community Government

Most programming and direct interaction with residents occurs via community government. Community Government consists of the Governor, the Community Executive Board, and additional officers as appointed by the governor. Community Government meets weekly to plan programs and other initiatives, discuss issues facing their residents, and hear reports from each officer on his or her activities for the week.  The five members of the community executive board are mandatory positions that each governor must fill when forming his or her government; these officers receive extensive training at the beginning of each academic year and are required to attend one-on-one meetings with their counterpart on the RHA Executive Board at least once a semester.


To learn more about you community, contact your Community Governor or click here to find out when your Community Government meets! For more information on getting involved with RHA Community Government click here.

Community Facebook Pages

Granville Towers
Hinton James
Manning East
Manning West
Olde Campus Lower Quad
Old Campus Upper Quad
Odum Village
Ram Village


For current community governments, check out these pages for more information and resources about RHA’s four pillars:

Traditional Program Grant Requests

Communities wishing to receive financial assistance from RHA for their end-of-year traditional programs can submit a request to RHA via the Traditional Program Grant Request Form. A representative from the community must be prepared to present the program to the Board of Governors during one of its regularly scheduled Tuesday meetings.

Residence Hall Association Guide

This document gives a comprehensive overview of RHA, covering its structure, operation, and responsibilities. It is designed to educate both new leaders within the organization and external leaders, groups, and university administrators. Additional questions should be addressed to the RHA President by emailing

Click here to view the RHA Guide.